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Enhanced Recovery

Enhance your profits with our enhanced recovery program.

Oil extraction and recovery is typically divided into three stages:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Tertiary or enhanced recovery (EOR)

There is generally no artificial stimulation of production during primary recovery. During secondary recovery an external fluid such as a gas or water (e. g. waterflooding) is injected into the reservoir through injection wells.

The objective is to maintain reservoir pressure and displace oil toward the wellbore. Approximately 15% to 40% of the original oil in place can be recovered by the end of the secondary recovery phase.

To produce additional oil, the third stage (tertiary recovery) uses sophisticated techniques which alter the original properties of the oil. Restoring formation pressure and improving oil displacement are key objectives of this phase.

EnovaFlood – Leave Less Oil Behind.

EnovaFlood when used in combination with waterflooding is a highly effective tertiary recovery technology, recovering up to 3% more of the original oil in place.



Innovation in Action

Enova’s innovative solutions are field proven. To learn more about actual case histories
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News Flash

EnovaSB - Sand Bond

On February 6th, Enova executed the first EnovaSB insitu sand control treatment for a major operator in the San Joaquin Valley.  The application was operationally successful and well response is being closely monitored.