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Water Flood Fields

Flood your fields with profits.

Waterflooding is by far the most widely applied method for improved oil recovery. This technique, originally employed decades ago, accounts for more than one-half of U.S. domestic oil production. In this method of secondary recovery water is injected into the formation. The injected water physically displaces the oil, sweeping it to adjacent production wells.

Potential problems associated with waterflooding include:

  • Inefficient recovery due to variable permeability, or similar conditions affecting fluid transport within the
    reservoir, and early water breakthrough that may cause production and surface processing problems.
  • Blockage at the wellbore/reservoir interface from common skin damage mechanisms –
    • Hydrocarbon carryover
    • Emulsion block
    • Changes in wettability
    • Inorganic scale
    • Asphaltene
    • Paraffin

Enova addresses injection related blockage issues with our EnovaFlow process and can increase the total recoverable oil from waterflood fields through our EnovaFlood solution.

EnovaFlow for Waterflood Injection Wells
EnovaFlood for Increased Recoverable Reserves


Innovation in Action

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News Flash

EnovaSB - Sand Bond

On February 6th, Enova executed the first EnovaSB insitu sand control treatment for a major operator in the San Joaquin Valley.  The application was operationally successful and well response is being closely monitored.